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(COM) updated bunsie ref by Erdno

(COM) updated bunsie ref


all credit of artwork goes to Nazuu Nazuu

well luckily this time i didn't overly change just some bits with the addition of a shortstack version of bunsie (he may be 3ft but even then you should watch out hehe) but without firther delay guess i should drop his info here now

name: Erdno E. L. (tails are called Flopps and 4-eyes)

specie: bunsie goo (a mix of bunny deer mousie and goo)

height: 45ft with the ability to grow trough mass absorbing (shortstack is 3ft bunt the internal of his 45ft self)

weight: a ton of goop

sex: fluid male~

vore: pred mostly of many vores but do enjoy being prey to close ones (but never harms anyone mostly changing pepole then any normal ways of vore)

likes: fluffles, noms, games, tabletop, modeling, trust, big soft stuff, paws <3 and asorts of other stuff~ oh and nomming yeah though teasing alot (/w>

disslikes: bullies, disstrust, being hurtfull to friends, non fair treatment, physical/mental harm and a few other things (/.<

job: production electronic (making and programing circuit boards) how he can in his size well he is really commited

pets: know who you are (/w>

magic aligment: ice (though mostly goo)

bio: Erdno also often refered to as bunsie or sillyhead is a bit of a odd macro goo he often behave silly and tease pepole at one point or be careing and more emotinal then a baby seal

being of the Goo kind he does have some body changing abilites but only for when his body is shaped into it like wearing a corset if it is tight enough most likely his curves would bust out quite large

the goo also gives him the ability to turn stuff into more goo mass but can always turn back to normal (furs much easier then say a normal object like a radio since the mind of the person is always intact inside of him to be used as a baseline but a radio he don't know how it looked inside so can't 100% copy it though on a side note he can alter other's body with the goo if someone wants some special "bits" or new body hehe)

he appriciate honesty more then anything wanting rather to hear the truth rather then lie to protect something since he is always willing to talk things out with the person if they are honest to him

but overall he is quite the oddball to be around with this just being a few entries on this blob of sillyness hehe

bonus stuff:

  1. the vault 72 mark on his hip relates to him being someone who was infected by the FEV in the falut universe of   DesmondFallout (that or they might be relitves they do have some family resemblance hehe)

  2. the mask on his hip was made by   PieMan24601 and a few friends of his that has the ability to give the usuer 9 tails like a kitsune and can only be taken off by the bunsie (ktisune bunsie that can't end well hehe)

  3. the hoodie came from the encuragment of   Taluthus who has still not yet been able to take the hoodie from the bunsie even though the hoodie have taken him once (good luck tal i am still waiting for ya to try hehe

  4. the shorstack bunsie comes from a situation between me n   TysonShadowfur where a charm on his bra belt turn his exterior to look like a shortstack but inside he still has his same size in a hammer space enviorment so even if you saw himswallow a car whole in this form there wouldn't be much of a bulge showing on his body

naked version of the ref:

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