A Regal Stroll by Eppik Phayle

A Regal Stroll

Eppik Phayle

22 November 2016 at 11:58:42 MST

Here we see Kyrehx's beautiful Renaman, Regal, taking a nice stroll through the city. Having grown accustomed to his presence and the things he does, none of the drivers are particularly disturbed or upset by the macro digital kitsune's giant feet blocking all three lanes on both sides. Many of them even brake/stomp the gas just to offer themselves to his powerful soles! As for the citizens on foot...well, just look at his foot~ ;P

This was sort of just spontaneously created as a gift to Kyrehx, just...'cuz. I happen to quite like his character, so I figured why not draw him? :D

Regal © Kyrehx

(Mature for blood)