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[INFLATION] Alkora's Carnival idea gone Wrong by Enigma Dragan

[INFLATION] Alkora's Carnival idea gone Wrong

Enigma Dragan

I Finally finished it,
Couldn't remember if it was a Commission or not, because I need payment you know~
But claims to be a Raffle I did in Stream to see who to draw, Alkora was the winner I guess... Stupid memory!

Here we See Alkora enjoying his time in the Carnival, He had a Genius idea to enjoy and Participate in it, By Inflating himself with Helium, I would say Air but Helium is Lighter for his Fatty weight and will allow him to be even lighter for who knows, Hugs, games, or simply just to walk around easier...
He seem to have daydreamed long enough to realize it was too late to turn off the tank and started to float,

Now I know you might Say "he can just let go the Hose!" Why is there something called "Safe Remove"? if he removed it so fast, he might exhale all of that helium and flies really hard against something... or some other reason, I dunno, make one yourself!

Alkora © alkora
Art © Anananananananaana.... I mean, Me~

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