Transcendent (Chapter 1-3) by Ender Ivan Darkos

The Transcendent

Chapter 1: The Night

"Ugh... What happened last night?" Jake said when he awoke within a rather unfamiliar room... He began to wonder where he was by every passing second, after a couple seconds Jake got up and walked around the room he was in... It was rather basic, it liked like your typical room just smaller and bland... He continued to look around until he heard something

A knocking noise is heard from the door

With a quick reaction, Jake looks to the door and sees a fox walk in "You're up?.. Just in time for your first experiment...He said as he requested the guards to get Jake...As usual the guards did what they were told, and grabbed Jake and took him to his experiment...After walking through a couple corridors they finally reached a room marked "Testing 001" ((Switching to first person now))

I finally decided to look around "Where am I? How did I get here" is my immediate thought right now... As I am looking around, the fox walks up to a door with some type of keypad next to it... I see him type in some complex code and then the door opens

"Try to not get killed in testing" was the last thing the fox said to me before the guards threw me into the room and sealed the door. The room that I'm in is currently dark... But then lights, bright lights come on to reveal that there is some type of doctors table in the middle of the room.

Follow Our Orders And You'll Live. Now Sit.

I do as I'm told and sit on the table, I sit patiently waiting for something to happen and then finally a doctor of some sort walks in with a suitcase...I have a feeling that this is going to end badly...

"Just stay still and this will be done and over with quickly" the doctor said as he prepped what appeared to be a syringe... "What is this going to do to me?" I ask him rather politely

"Maybe something extraordinary" the doctor people's with a rather serious yet excited time within the sound of his voice, he walks to me and says "Trust me this isn't going to kill you" he then sticks the syringe in my arm and injects the mysterious substance into my bloodstream.

Shortly after the doctor says to me "That's it... For now... Tomorrow we will do more testing... Just be ready for something strange tonight"

The guards came in and took me to my room or whatever the hell this is...

10:45 p.m

I can't sleep... For some reason i just can't... I decide to walk around my room a bit, after a while a sit down on the floor, close my eyes, and mediate a bit...


"I feel lighter than usual" I think to myself as I open my eyes. Everything appears to be the same, then I looked down...I was levitating "What the? How?"

Suddenly I drop to the floor and I get sent flying into a wall

...I yelp a bit from the force of the impact "That didn't happen... It was just a dream..." Is what i keep thinking now... But i know that this is real

Just go back to sleep and pretend that didn't happen...

Chapter 2: Mind Over Matter

I woke up the next morning with a rather confused feeling about what happened last night. Similar to yesterday the guards came in and took me to the testing room except they took me to "Testing 016".

When I walked into the room there nonothing but a metal cube in the center of the room, I looked around to see if anyone was observing me and of course there was, a formally dressed bull came up to what appeared to be an intercom and said "Try to move the cube... You'll have 5 minutes to complete this simple task"

After he left the intercom a small timer appeared in the corner of the room. Once it began I walked up to the cube.

It wasn't a really big cube but mid-sized, about 2.5 ft tall cube "This'll be easy" I said to myself as I sat down and pushed the cube with my hands. It didn't move, it might have been heavier than I thought...It tried to push the cube with my hands again, failed. "Okay... Maybe it wasn't as easy as I thought"

I decided to see if I could push the cube with my legs or somethin... And I was wrong...

I'm starting to get rather frustrated now...I looked to the timer "2:45 seconds"

Hm what could I do?

I sat on the ground to think "Nothing I do moves the cube... Look around"


I focus on the cube, frustrated "DAMN IT" I yell... Then i notice the cube move a bit. What happened? I focus on the cube again to see if it happens again and it did but it began to move further away from me at a after quick pace.


I hear a sudden sound of clapping, I look up and see the professors watching me...I focus on the glass that was dividing me from them and i try to make it break, as I focus i notice a small crack form on the glass. Only one of the professers noticed and smiled at me...It was the fox.



The glass broke, they stopped and looked at me with a look of horror "What's so scary about breaking glass" I wonder to myself

I hear on the professors say "Get the guards, This subject is becoming dangerous"

How am I dangerous?

The guards barge in and grab me, then as usual they take me to my room and lock me in there...

11:00 p.m

I'm sitting on my bed "What did they do me? And how am I dangerous now?"

Im getting frustrated again just thinking about this "Hmm" I lookto a small lamp in my room and i say to myself "Make the lamp float" and then i focus. After a couple seconds it begins to float in the air "I have Telekinesis?" I wonder but then i say "Maybe i could escape here..."

But I'll get killed... I'll wait and see what happens tomorrow... Let's hope it's better than today...

Percent of Transcendence: 20%

Chapter 3: Extraordinary
"Well...Im dangerous now." I say to myself as I get up from my bed. What will i do today? Another test just like yesterday... Maybe I have to move something else with my mind.

I get myself ready for another day of testing, whoop de doo.

10:45 a.m

Similar to yesterday the guards come into my cell,or whatever, and they take me to a testing room. Today's test took place within "Testing Room 009" Once i was thrown into the room, as usual, I simply sat in the middle of the room.

Waiting... Waiting...

After a while i see a dragon walk into the room. He was wearing a rather basic outfit, just a white shirt and some black pants.

"Sup" I say to him with a rather "rude" tone, he grins a bit and then he replied with "Hello Jake... Im assuming you're the Dangerous one?"

I look at him rather confused "How am i dangerous?" He ignored me for a bit, since he was preparing something.

Once he finished he said "You seriously don't know why?..I thought you knew already but i guess I'll explain why... Your dangerous because your abilities are developing much faster than they're supposed to... If I'm correct you have 25% Transcendence... On average you should only be 7%-10% ...."

"Wait... What do you mean when you said that I'm 25% Transcendence?" I say to him... I want to know more...

"Basically you are becoming a bionic, super intelligent, etc... But there is one issue with the test... None of our subjects made it past 45% Transcendence... If you pass it you can either be the best experiment or the hoping best... But we don't know yet... " The dragon says to me as he walks to me with a shot glass that had a light blue liquid inside

The dragon hands me the glass

"Drink this... This should increase your transcendence by 5 percent... But in your case... Possibly 10-20 percent..." He says as i down the light blue substance

I decide to ask him "What if i reach 100%" He looked to me with a grin "Then you'll be the first successful transcendent..."

A door opens and two guards walk in... The go over to Jake and pick him up, after that they go and take him to a second test... Testing room 005

I get thrown into a second room, okay... I look around to see if I'm being observed and yup... I'm being watched.

A female fox walls up to an intercom and says "If you look ahead there are 3 cubes, each a different size... Try to stack them using your mind... You should be at 10% Transcendence to complete this simple...test" she walls away once she finishes...

10%?? Well... I've exceeded that so this'll be easy...

I focus quickly and i try to move the cubes, suddenly after a very short time the cubes begin to move, they moved rather quickly... After about 15-20 seconds the test was complete... The professors observing me stood up and applauded... And one again the guards came in and took me away...

5:45 p.m Inside Jake's Cell

I'm exceeding the average amount of transcendence... That's a good thing right? Yeah... Maybe i can escape if i reach 100%... But what will i do after i escape? Hm.. Well I'll think about that later... But i will escape from here...

Percent Of Transcendence: 35%

Transcendent (Chapter 1-3)

Ender Ivan Darkos

14 August 2014 at 23:58:36 MDT

This is a story that I've been working on for a while... Hope you enjoy... Tell me how I did please! ^=^

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