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In the Dazzling Dark by Enaxn

In the Dazzling Dark


6 June 2014 at 19:03:44 MDT

HELLO FRIENDS!!! Not having internet at home is the worst. Progress on all fronts is pretty slow while I transition between houses and jobs (or not jobs. Who knooooowssss), so thanks for your patience! :heart:

IN THE MEANTIME THOUGH have an art trade with the LOVELY Illuminaiae!! It has taken me FAR too long to finish this, and I'm super sorry about that. THOUGH all my rock technique came from my recent collab with Giiana, so the rocks wouldn't have been as much fun if I had finished this earlier. Yes good.

I was going for a semi-fantasy kinda deal with the background with all the stars and the space bits and the clouds, which are supposed to look spinny and time lapse-y, which I hope is apparent? And big rocks. I really want to keep practicing my rocks now omg.

PSCS6, Wacom Intuos Pro. Lost count on the time.
Ista © illuminaiae
Tumblr WIPs:
One! (From October WOW)

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    Woah this is amazing!!!! @O@ your rock technique is working great, i really love the textures :D And yeah, not having internet sucks big time >.<

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      AHHHHH thank you so much!! And YES I totally agree. Which is kind of sad but MAN I love my internet lolol >__>. I've got it back now! All I need is day off of work!

      Omg have I mentioned how happy I am that you're back recently? BECAUSE I AM. <333

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        Whee that's great to hear~ I have no idea what I'm gonna do next month when I go on vacation with my family because I won't have internet for a month omg xP I got too used to life with 24/7 internet at uni LOL

        Ahh thanks <3<3 I'm glad you're glad haha xD