the bog by emkhe

the bog


21 April 2014 at 00:49:44 MDT

So unfair, that the bright daytime sky was hidden from him for all eternity. Wake up: darkness. Go to sleep: darkness. No matter how he tried.. waking in the day seemed impossible, seemed a faraway land available only to those that could still depend on breath, and the water below, and the shelter of trees above. He could look up from the ashen earth and see a sky that looked lighter and, yet.. where was the sun? Where were the clouds? It was as though the sky ended just above the trees, and nothing existed after.

He remembered it correctly, right?

There had been a sun?

Another reupload, this time from 2014: concept art for in-development story called The String Bog. The illustration is older but the story blurb is brand new. I'm going to try to include some bit of contextual story in every submission from now on.

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    Absolutely beautiful stuff. What is the String Bog, if you don't mind me asking?

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      Thank you!
      The String Bog is a romance story I've been slowly developing over the last couple of years. The protagonist, Blacksmith, is a stag that died and whose soul was trapped in the swamp. I'd reveal more, but I intend on releasing it in comic form eventually and wouldn't want to spoil it!

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        This sounds like something I would very much enjoy reading!

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    wonderful! i love the palette :3

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    Man... You really have a way with color and using it to help carry an image. Plus I really love the scaled effect to the lighting, it really adds a rather storybook feel to this and looks pretty fantastic!