Three Little Birds by EmilyThePenguin

Three Little Birds


28 November 2014 at 16:18:46 MST

Okay. I can explain. When I was watching some sparrows scrap over some crumbs, what came to my mind was a drawing titled "Three Little Birds" which included some anthro birds wearing mafia suits. The title idea may have been because the Bob Marley song was floating around my head during that time. I find it strange that such a gentle and happy song left me with the idea of eagles, ravens, and sparrows being criminals, ha. I suppose that the contrast between the title and the pictures I have in mind left me with some irony I liked.

Lo and behold, a final project for my drawing class is born. These are the drafts of what I will be recreating on 20x30 inch paper with inks

drawing © Emily the Penguin

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    This is amazing and a bad ass idea!!!

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      haha, thank you! I'm just so glad this is out of the way so I can start working on my other finals

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    Excellent composition and handling of different species of birds! Love it :3

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      thank you very much! I have to say I'm looking forward to posting pictures of the huge traditionally done ones as well