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Day 3: Slime Boy by emeytroi

Day 3: Slime Boy


3 October 2015 at 19:33:56 MDT

Featuring the centaur girl from day 2. XD And if you don't know what's going on- she sneezed on him.
Don't worry, though. She didn't say no because he sneezed- she said no because someone already asked her plus Slime boy gets asked out by someone else later. Originally the slime boy was going to say "Please don't let your rooster eat me."

Also I was practicing with expressions. It was kind of fun making her look so horrified and disgusted. XD


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    That chicken looks heavy. XD And I just noticed that slime boy has an eye ball floating in there. This really is sad-funny. lol And the face expressions look great!

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      Hahah! Yes, I'm sure that chicken IS heavy. XDDD I'm surprised it doesn't just go SHLOOP into slime boy's head. Honestly, I'm not all too sure how the slime works. Maybe it's more film-skin-like on the outside. XD; and thaaaaanks~ ;u;