Black Gazza - Mechanics Guild - Electical warning sign by EmberValgress

Black Gazza - Mechanics Guild - Electical warning sign


17 June 2014 at 08:32:51 MDT

Well I guess I had to start out with something so here goes!

So you might be a guild member and have most of your knowledge downloaded or programed into you. Still non-organic minds are such a frail thing. Even those that are artificial have to query a database to get full information on things. It's easier to warn both sentients, guild and other individuals alike that touching this thing would be BAD.

So I'm making a few signs for the Black Gazza RP on Second Life. With the new charging platform it seemed that this was the most appropriate to start with. Think I'll tackle a radiological and biological hazard next.

The sign gives a lethality rating. As in you need to be class 5 protected before working with this or at least have your uniform or equipment to work with this safely. It also lists the strength of the current underneath as well.

Looks like old sparky in the center didn't pay attention!

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