Adopt me? by EmajiMewp

Adopt me?


24 February 2018 at 20:29:15 MST

This is a Girabbit. Something like a dog, but also a rabbit..and an alpaca-giraffe?... I will post a species guide asap if anyone is interested in actually purchasing this fuzzball. I've had this species in mind since high school XD So, it has history!

$12 USD

Purchase INCLUDES: larger, original image with its color pallet, and a mini ref sheet. The ref sheet will be created after purchase. Paypal only please (details later on). Please comment below to claim. First come first serve :)

Short species guide:
Friendly omnivores that are generally the size of a small horse. They have strong legs for romping and hopping about, long tongues, poofy tails, and shaggy manes. Their demeanor is that of a large dog, but less slobbery. (That wont stop them from givin' you a kiss with that floppy tongue :3 ) A girabbit's coat ranges in color and pattern; bright colors are a norm, ranging from speckled to blotchy and containing multiples of colors.

That's pretty much it. If i get more people interested in buying these guys, i will gladly create more. Yay Girabbits.

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