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Violin's cords: Chilling. by Eli Nygma

Violin's cords: Chilling.

Eli Nygma

"Nothing beat a mug of cappuccino and some lofi music during a rainy day."

This artwork was very fun to make. The idea of this concept started during the summer seasonal rains, which they were particular violent this year, and during the Recovery Fund's negotiations which, my country government, promised to use it to make more eco development showing "eco works" and "eco interior house designs". From those designs i made the furniture you see here, From the table to the wall bricks.
I chose my mantis Nanà as subject because it's always a pleasure drawing her. Don't know why but It's relaxing.

The hardest part of this artwork was the water drops on the window but, the final result, it's neither good or bad. Initially I was thinking to add neon signs on the buildings outside but I decided to took them out in the end because they ruined the chilling atmosphere.

I would like too see it animated one day. It's perfect for one of those lofi hip pop animated gifs on YouTube!

hope you like it.