Cat Studies by ElementalSpirits

Cat Studies


22 November 2017 at 11:45:33 MST

A quick study of some natural face variation in cats.

Art © Me, ElementalSpirits
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    I never really thought about cat head shapes until now, very nice

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      Everyone and everything is slightly different, but it's a great thing to think about when you consider character design.

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        Definitely! And makes me rethink how I draw things, since I try to learn only ONE style of how an animal looks, which isn't accurate to real life

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          Yeah it's natural to draw every species one particular way, and I'm probably going to continue to do that with most commissioned art, but with my characters I really want there to be variation in their body shapes that makes them easier to recognise and tell apart.

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            That's a great idea honestly, best of luck to you :)