Mysterious - Inktober by ElementalSpirits

Mysterious - Inktober


13 November 2017 at 14:37:01 MST

There go a pair who have just built a city of mud
And it’s real
They know that mud doesn’t look very pretty
But ooh, how it feels

This little boy greets the snow with a smile
That little girl has discovered an isle made out of pillows
One little fellow is friends with the wind in the willows
All of them children and all are mysterious people

Mysterious People - Val Doonican

Lion and zebra from before, because I like that little head world. I want to add some brown shading like the other, but my last inktobers were kind of a disaster so I’m leaving them until I’m less drained so I don’t ruin it.

Art © Me, ElementalSpirits
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