Coming around to collect by Eldanoth

Coming around to collect


16 September 2017 at 06:31:52 MDT

Humming a song, Eldanoth slowly makes his way towards a house, smiling to himself as he has his hands behind his back.

Reaching the house, he leans in a bit and knocks on the frontdoor "Hello, is anyone home?" he asks in a cheerful tone, knowing wel the person is inside the house.

The door gets unlocked and swings opened "Ah, good morning (name), now, I bet you might be wondering why I am here" Eldanoth said as he reached inside his suit before pulling out a contract "I'm surely you remember the deal we made not to long ago, after all, this IS your autograph" he smiled as he tapped the line where the signature was made. Grinning, he turned more towards the person "Now, I have come to collect my part of the deal and that part".

The surrounding sounds quickly got replaced by the sound of static as the persons vision started to become like that of the snow on the tv. Eldanoth's hand reaches out as he grins wide and his eyes turned white "Is your soul!".

This wonderful scene was made by on tumblr, who did a great job on the scene <3

Eldanoth belongs to me©
Artwork was made by go check the artist out !!!

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    I just gotta say, you have this incredible demon sona, able to be charming and terrifying all at once. It truly is inspirational just how you use him, let alone all the great art you get for him. I love following your page!

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      Hehehe, why thank you, I do enjoy him greatly and how to use him. He can be quite the gentleman if he wants to be or someone you really don't wanna mess with, not to mention the powers he has to use in tricking people.

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        Definitely, a very Loki-esque demon