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Assassin's Ciege by E'lara

Assassin's Ciege


I've worked so hard on this one, has taken me forever. I really hope you guys like this one, I put so much heart and soul into it.

This is E'lara and my good friend Ciege as (viking) assassins from Assassins Creed. ^^ I just love his cocky additude, so I had to throw that charismatic look on his face :D She looks so unsure of him XD

Anyways... This took about a week and a half in total, as a side project.

I know this sounds dumb but if there is any picture in my gallery worth favoring, I pray that it is this. Please enjoy everyone :D

Ciege is Sunder on FA

E'lara and Artwork is E'lara of the Forest

Assassin's Creed and all things related are copyrighted to Ubisoft, Gameloft and Griptonite Games

Partial Background was used with a snowy tree stock

Any and all artwork posted by E'lara or Ashura belongs to us and us only. You DO NOT have permission to re post, copy, color or do anything at all with this artwork without expressed permission.