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Slave to My Own Self by E'lara

Slave to My Own Self


So... took me forever but here it is, A Slave to My Own Self. I am so proud of this one. It took me forever but it was well worth it. So about the picture....

E'lara of The Forest is the main focus of this picture. She is an elven princess who's kingdom was destroyed by humans. She was captured and taken to the invading kingdom to become a consort for the King just as she watched her father murdered. This picture depicts later on, far after she lives at the castle. I chose the title specifically for the chains wrapped around her body. It is a symbolism and a metaphor for being trapped in your own mind. Notice how even though she looks helpless, the chain is connected no where on her body. It's not attached to anything.

Also, even though she looks sadden, she isn't crying. It means that even though bad things happen to us, we put ourselves in the situations we create. Even though she is a slave she's not completely unhappy. She's not thrilled either but it's almost as if she can escape at any time and chooses not to. So... more will be explained in her story/comic to come.

Please look forward to my future artwork and as always, thank you for viewing, faving and commenting! Every one is greatly appreciate. Also, sorry for my horrible coloring skills! With my lovely colab partner feeling really sick, I had to expose you to my full talents as an artist. Please don't send your eye bleeding out hospital bills to me, I need to pay rent first :P Just kidding.

Artwork, Inking and Coloring by E'lara

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