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What Future - Light's Grace by Eight

What Future - Light's Grace


"Look around you. All of you. Every face you've seen here today, every friend, every comrade, every enemy... These are your brethren, each and every one.
This fight, dictated by those who care not to dirty their hooves in combat, this war, forced upon us by those who wish us nothing but malice and hatred, this is why we are here. This is why we stand against those who were once our neighbor. This is why we fight those we once called friend. This is why we kill our own brothers and sisters.

But take heart! For this day is ours! Though the war drum sounds loudly and though the blood pools beneath our hooves, take heart! We stand against each other today, but tomorrow, a new light shines!
We will stand tall and gaze up, over the fields and mountains and we will see the peace that we have been fighting for! We will finally know tranquility and bask in the gaze of the glorious Sun!!

Take heart!! For this day is ours and we live to fight on! We will remember those we knew and cherished, we will fight on against all odds. This day is ours!

This day belongs to the Light!"

I've been wanting this one out of my system for a while. I may not have a good grasp of filters like I'd like to use for this one, but it turned out well, in my very biased opinion.

This piece depicts what I see as a possible future for Rocket Grace during the war between the New Lunar Republic and The Solar Empire. Contrary to what most would know about her, she followed the path o the light, and in the footsteps of her Father, Tempest Valor.
She rose through the ranks, and though she could provide much more use as a tactician against the enemy forces, she chose to stay among the ranks, and became one of the greatest symbols of the soldiers, a beacon, so to speak, of morale.

I've been working on White Lightning as well, and just what I see for him.