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At The Undine Chapel by egypturnash

At The Undine Chapel


This morning I felt the urge to draw one of my fursonas over a photograph of one of the places I like to go to work.

This is a fountain in New Orleans' City Park, a short bike ride from where I live. Its official name is the Owen Butler Memorial Fountain but I call it the Undine Chapel, because the way the trees arch over it make it a really tranquil space, possibly even a sacred one. Sometimes there's people getting married there, especially on the weekend. Sometimes there's people sparring with broadswords nearby (and I need to get back to being one of them, I was starting to be a regular in that group before Hurricane Ida destroyed all sense of normalcy for a month). Sometimes there's families picnicking. But a lot of the time it's a great place to just sit on a bench, or the stairs, and chill. Maybe read a book, maybe take out the laptop and tablet to work, or maybe just stare off into space and listen to the trees.

The photo is mine; the radio off in one corner isn't - someone left it there one day, tuned just far enough off of WWOZ that the local-themed programming was halfway lost behind a soft haze of static.

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