Staple Pose by EggMcNothin (critique requested)

Staple Pose (critique requested)


2 December 2018 at 17:43:51 MST

staple the... thing? furry of some sort

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    Hi there! I saw you requested critique and I'm happy to help. I'm no professional but let me see... First of all! I would like to say you have a very sound understanding of anatomy and proportions, which is excellent, the elbows and legs bend as they should. I think the shading colors could use a bit of work, it looks to me like you shaded with black or at least grey, I recommend not using those colors and instead switching to more natural looking ones! For instance, light blue on white might look nice. The yellow nose stands out a lot compared to the rest of the picture as well, but maybe you want that to be the case, I'm not sure. Another thing is that the feet look too latprge to me, but if it's done for style reasons then I say, keep it! Hope this helps! ^_^

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      thank you very much for the critique! ill be sure to take these things into consideration in the future. also yeah, the shading is something ive been trying to work out, because i dont really use black/gray, but its just too muted of a color to look proper. thanks again!