Or does it even matter? by eecee (critique requested)

Or does it even matter? (critique requested)


25 January 2013 at 21:22:13 MST

I got the idea while listening to Pursuit Of Happiness by Kid Cudi.

There is a backstory to this. People should know this about me:

I can't control my dreams. They are usually nightmares- really bad ones. Yes, this part seems normal. I don't know the difference between dreams and reality- I never have. Still seems normal? Keep reading. If I eat something in my dream, I actually taste it. If I smell something in my dream, I smell it in real life. Here is the kicker though- all injuries, all pain, all cuts and bruises, all filth- it is really on me when I wake up. I've had dreams of running through the woods and wake up with scratches all over, leaves on me, and mud. I've had dreams where I have almost died from being stabbed. I would be screaming in the dream before they actually stabbed me and my parents woke me up and there was a little cut.

This is NO lie. It's all true.

Just ask my real life friends about when I have spent the night at their house. Or when they spent the night at mine.

I had a poem to it earlier but I forgot it now! D;

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    I really love the colors of your character :)