[by plaguedaemon] Hotel balcony, sunrise by economicsbat

[by plaguedaemon] Hotel balcony, sunrise


7 September 2019 at 11:14:48 MDT

Hey! I commissioned this last year from plaguedaemon, who is, outside of art, an extremely good and politically-literate person. Reading his Twitter feed has been one of the highlights of my day basically since then.

Artists can't survive without attention, so if you like the art, please visit one of the artist's original uploads of this image to leave a like, a comment, a retweet, or whatever the platform supports:

He has been recently trying to attract more attention to his Patreon (that includes lots of extremely good art, some of which cannot be seen by the general public), so please send him money directly there. Included is a full-resolution version of this painting:

I have also uploaded this image to FurAffinity here!

I commission art pretty frequently -- if you are an artist and are interested in drawing any of my characters, click through to my profile for details.