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Omnipotence within reach by Echte Sinte

Omnipotence within reach

Echte Sinte

(...) The Mage stood up and explained: "Knowledge is a leaver that has the power to change reality. I'm never outnumbered, I'm never overpowered, as long as I know my way out. Accumulating knowledge is everything. Oh, ignorant one - become omniscient and watch yourself become a god!"
That last sentence he shouted, the echo of his voice reverberating through the titanic halls.
"Powerful rhetoric, Migeralik" Agetjinjes said "But that doesn't change the fact that you're hurting the forest. If you keep this up I will have to retaliate."
A light within the depths of Migeraliks eyes lit up.
"I know!" he murmured - and glaring, crackling lighting filled the room, accompanied by an earth shattering bang.

And Migeralik was gone.


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