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Existential Worries of an Immortal Being by Echte Sinte

Existential Worries of an Immortal Being

Echte Sinte

"It's a bright and cheerful day, outside. Nobody doubts that - and being immortal certainly has its perks. But then there are certain moments, where semi-god-hood doesn't feel all that godly after all. You realize things you'd never have realized otherwise. You people complain about death. Have you ever wished you could be everywhere? This wish, for me, is the equivalent to your fear of death. I just can't be everywhere. I can't even be ANYwhere. I have to travel. I miss so many things! The party goes on, but without me! How do you just live with that? And FOREVER, while we're at it!"
Mittloinsson didn't really understand what Kerishre was on about, but it sounded very sad - so he turned around to give her some space. Sometimes you can't be sad, properly, when people are looking.

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