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16 January 2018 at 23:16:22 MST

This took me for ever. but it was so worth it

do not use her in anyway way. if u wish to draw her please come to me first.
do not rp with her. or call her your own when she belongs to me.
thank you

first name Echo
middle name Whain
last name Linen
Nick name Fluffybutt
age 18
sexuality straight
gender female
species wolf
height 5'6"
weight 145 lbs
talent drawing, art
dislikes bully's, haters, art theifs, hotdoggs, mack&cheese, mashpetato,
Color pink, wars,
Likes family, friends, lobe ones, her animal's, children, drawing, anime, color purple, black and neon blue
personality she strong hearted. Shy a bit. Loving sweet. But can be a bitch
sometimes. She open hearted and passionate about her art. Never gives up. Caring. She don't judge ppl for who they
bio Born Dec 22-1999 she was adopted by a male black and red strip tiger named Toanin Linen. Where she was raised in China. When she turned five Toanin married a female snake named Alithbis. Alithbis treated Echo like dirt. She was starved and beaten by her until one day her grandmother a horse that aboupted her dad came in and took her away from her father and evil step mother. Her dad ran away to get away from Alithbis. Echo lived with her grandma in America where she lived in Stratford, Oklahoma. At the age of 16 after her gradmpa death they moved to fortsccot, Kansas. She now lives on a small farm with her ant.

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