Gift: "Love And a Heart-Shaped Nuki..." by EccentricChimera

Gift: "Love And a Heart-Shaped Nuki..."


14 February 2015 at 21:04:41 MST

Also, Happy Valentine's Day everyone! I kinda rushed to get this one done today, but I think it turned out pretty nice! Lately, I've been a bit too obsessed with making progress on commissions and other projects, so I wanted to show a few of my close friends how much I really care about them with a Valentine's Day themed group picture! Here, Zakk shape-shifted himself into a heart-shaped mallet, which I used to show my love to my friends!

I honestly wanted to add a few more friends to this mini-group picture, but I literally ran out of time today before I could. ^_^;

Happy Valentine's Day, everyone!

Zakk:   Zachariah_Corvish
Scoots / Scootie:   demonbox
Hugh:   hooboy
Durgon:   dragonlover1000
Servo:   servothelombax