Gift: "Zakk: Robot Army Killer..." (Painting Practice) by EccentricChimera

Gift: "Zakk: Robot Army Killer..." (Painting Practice)


7 January 2015 at 13:23:00 MST

As for this one...well, funny story here. See, I wanted to practice a bit more with digital painting, anatomy, and weapon-arm TFs before I got back to work on commissions this morning. I wasn't actually planning to put this much effort into a picture for my digital painting practice...but I had also drank a bottle of Five-Hour Energy beforehand..., I kinda came to my senses a few hours later, and saw this on my canvas in Sai. That is literally how it happened. So about a gift, Zakk? ^_^;

Also, I'll keep practicing, and hopefully I can start making more digital painting TF art like this soon as well, or maybe start applying some of these techniques to my normal lined art.