Random Doodles #13 - TF Art Abounds! (Page 2/5) by EccentricChimera

Random Doodles #13 - TF Art Abounds! (Page 2/5)


23 January 2014 at 05:40:28 MST

Yeah, so...turns all that my boss is going to be keeping me busy with work for a little while...so now I'll be doing a bit more of my stuff early in the mornings. With that said...more TF sketches! Today we have:

--A Mia Candy bar (Which I actually think I'll re-sketch and ink later on, because that's something I'd like to see in color.

--A Chimera Fan, for when you need a cool breeze on those hot, stuffy days (naturally, the hat is always included)

--And a flattening request from   abiketheft of his character Nate after being pulled under a door by his arms.

I've decided to only do 5 pages for this before I get back to work on my other projects, so that leaves about 9 TF practice sketch slots left. I already have a couple of them figured out, so if you want a TF sketch, mention it in a comment below. NOTE: The same rules from the previous page of sketches applies, so watchers only.