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AT: Freddy & Bonnie Tickles by DuskWolfdog64

AT: Freddy & Bonnie Tickles


My half of the art trade with benj24 benj24.

It's a pic he wanted of his oni OC Armada tickling Freddy and Bonnie in stocks with a feather roller.
I think this pic came out okay. Getting better with Photoshop and my drawing tablet, too. About Armada though, sorry he looks pretty small. ^^; Hope you overall still like it.
Also I'm not sure, but this might be my last fetish pic and trade I'll post here on DA. Just still not comfortable about it hence what I said in my journal. Just in case though if you want to continue seeing my fetish art, you'll have to go to and follow my FA account.

Armada (c) benj24
art (c) me
Freddy & Bonnie (c) Scott Cawthon