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Scharf Family by driftdragon

Scharf Family


6 April 2019 at 22:26:26 MDT

Commissioned by the awesome TatumRawr on Furaffinity!

Going from top left to bottom right we have!: 
Tefkin Scharf (eldest son)
Eelizabeth-Ann Scharf (mother)
Michael K. Scharf (Father) 
Doukas Scharf (third child/eldest son) 
Astrid Scharf (seventh child/youngest daughter) 
Tatum Scharf (Sixth child/Abraxe's fraternal twin)
Abraxes Scharf (Fifth child/Tatum's fraternal twin) 
Katlynn Scharf (Second child/eldest daughter)
Henry Scharf (Eighth child)
Avalanche Scharf (Youngest child)