The Foot by driftdragon

The Foot


30 May 2018 at 18:19:10 MDT

Heres a little bit of a story for you all: 

One time I had a long series of dreams that I like to refer to as "the city of darkness series" Cause it was such a distinct string of dreams. Starting with surreal city exploration. Dark and demonic bus rides and storefronts. People with melting off faces. Long drop cliffs with fast food restaurants stationed dangerously atop of them. Beaches that'd consume you, and a very high diving board. 

Anyway at one point within the dream, after walking on the lakeside beaches there was a door. It would take you to "The Foot" Which is a vast land that expands with your exploration. As you venture further the door will remain the same number of paces behind you. You can travel miles and miles yet the return will always be the same number of paces that you begun with. 

You can take others into the foot with you, but you all would have to enter the door at the same time. If you were to enter at different times with people you know, then you each would exist separately within the foot, unable to contact each other. Yet upon exit, both parties will be egressing the same door.