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Rejected Shots: Flames | Page 70 by DrGravitas

Rejected Shots: Flames | Page 70


Check out the final version of the page here!

I did a couple alternative shots for the college memory panels on this page. Originally it was going to be a set of three unrelated panels showing them slowly becoming comfortable around one another. But, ultimately I was much more happy with the set of 3 related panels that I ended up with. One rejected panel had Yeltsin nervously meeting Rederick for the first time (upper-right). I rejected it because the context was too complex to explain in a single, wordless panel. Another, had Yeltsin showing Rederick something on his tablet that made him laugh. They were very comfortable together in their underwear. It couldn't really explain that it was hot and while the culture has already established nudity as not a big deal, it didn't really feel like it fit the two very well. It's a shame, it looks very cute I think and I quite like it. Even if the cloth sim accidentally made it look like Yeltsin has an erection.

For the memory images themselves, I decided the bar scene memory style really didn't fit these happier memories. I tried throwing out an enormous number of Final Gathering points (with virtually no interpolation which somehow made it extremely quick). This would be much like the other memory style but much fuller. Still, I didn't much care for it. So, I came up with a hybrid between the glowy dream/fantasy approach and the memory approach. I produced the glowy style backgrounds and clothing mostly diffuse shaders that well accept the casting of FG but the bodies themselves are casters along with the special lights. I render a proper image as well as take a snapshot of the raw Final Gathering, then as a post-processing process, I overlay them and fiddle with the blend mode and erase, etc until I get the look I want out of the image.

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