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Small Apartment WIPs by DrGravitas

Small Apartment WIPs


A couple shots from the assets in development for Yeltsin and other single-occupant's apartment setting on the research space station. Been in development since about when I completed the last comic page. Many of concepts and aesthetics are generally similar to Rederick and Blythe's apartment but in a much smaller, compact space. Their apartment had very few assets that could be reused here, however. Mostly because there were very few assets developed. There's a few I'm tempted not to bring over, but we'll see. But, the assets developed here for Yeltsin's apartment will definitely carry over to Rederick and Blythe's apartment. So, thankfully I'm filling out two spaces at once for the comic.

I am happiest with the sink, I think, though some of the kitchen assets turned out alright too. Not the fridge, though. I think I might have to rework that one again. Entirely, tbh. It's a shame I won't really have any place to dive into various safety features I've thought out, specifically for the oven. Can't be having kitchen fires in a closed environment like a space station, after all.

For the bathroom, I am particularly happy with how the toilet worked out. I might do a separate post going into details on its anatomy challenges and design choices. Or you can read the little write up I did on my Twitter AD account already: @DocGravy !

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