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Flames | Page 15: Dr. Gravitas by DrGravitas

Flames | Page 15: Dr. Gravitas


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Email? Some things never change :y

I spent a bit longer on this one (despite still somehow getting it together in a week). Originally, it was intended to spur meeting certain challenges: multiple characters interacting and interacting with soft-bodies. The soft-bodies thing didn't really pan out, mostly because the folded coat wrapped in plastic was too complicated to really make satisfying. Multiple characters interacting with one another (shaking hands, holding things as their being signed, ect) is still frustratingly slow, too. There's a lot I was hoping more for out of this page but I'm happy with how it turned out overall. It took a lot of tries to get that tall-shot render of Gravitas to the way I like it (I still feel like it makes his arm look to short) but overall I'm happy.