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Flames | Page 11 by DrGravitas

Flames | Page 11


Story Start (nsfw!)
Flames | Chapter Start
Flames | Page 10
Flames | Page 12

I went back and forth on Yeltsin's dialog in that first frame, as well as trying to decide if I wanted Blythe to name the big project the facility's intended for. Ultimately, I decided to leave the project name out, largely because the font I have doesn't support the diacritical mark I need. A pity. I'll have to decide how I want to make that at some point. Either way, I'm fairly happy with how these pages turned out! It was quite a lot of work, getting all this stuff together. After all the setting, props, and scripts, the poses themselves felt fairly easy. Sure are a lot of them though. A real surprise challenge has been the glowy text. Turns out it never quite works right. I've taken to shoring it up with a duplicate text below it that has special layer blend settings to mimic the background I originally developed their settings on, but even still it feels wrong sometimes when there's background elements of high contrast. May need to readdress them at some point, tbh.