Blythe WiP Posing: Inner Thighs by DrGravitas

Blythe WiP Posing: Inner Thighs


2 July 2015 at 17:04:37 MDT

This is the first time I've posted anything using the pose on the left side, but I actually created it several months ago. The pose on the right is a modification of the curled up position I did a while back with Rederick, this time viewed from below with the tail moved out of the way.

These two seemed like the best way to demo the biggest improvement to the model made in this cycle. The improvement is a combination of topology, shape, and especially skin weight-painting changes made on the inner thigh, perineum, butt crease and butt-cheek crest. This enables superior deformation even under extreme poses, like hugging the legs all the way to the stomach, or (not pictured) bending over.

Additionally, I did bit of experimenting with Blythe's shading. Blythe's paw pads are also different from Rederick. Instead of a plain black with very faint grey grains and a slight golden edge, Blythe has lighter pads with more wide spread orange highlighting. The paw pads are also a bit more visible because the socks fur markings are a lighter color and the space between the paw digits use the light fur markings colors.

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