Heathen by DrFranknFurter (critique requested)

Heathen (critique requested)


16 August 2016 at 15:55:29 MDT

Steel on the skyline
Sky made of glass
Made for a real world
All things must pass
Waiting for something
Looking for someone
Is there no reason?
Have I stared too long?
You say you'll leave me
And when the sun is low
And the rays high
I can see it now
I can feel it die


Bowie's Heathen album is too good for words and I managed to get a copy and wanted to draw the cover but with Paris Peryton instead. Bowie doesn't smile on the cover but Paris can't stop making that shit-eating toothy grin.

The album is filled with biblical artwork, the painting in the background is called "Massacre of The Innocents" by Guido Reni
and its from the mass murder of infant males of Bethlehem ordered by Herod the Great in fear of being overthrown by the new King of the Jews.

If the lettering to Heathen looks weird, its because I'm a fucking scatterbrained idiot and I actually missed a damn letter and couldn't re-edit the merged layers since I already tossed the original pic. (AKA digital art is a nightmare but at least I'm able to finally draw stuff I always wanted to try my hands on.)

Other then that I'm extremely happy and proud of this piece, it took a long time painting and penning but I'm glad that it came out alright.

Paris Peryton © Me

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