The Wingsuit: Wyvern Suit TF by Draythix

The Wingsuit: Wyvern Suit TF


13 April 2019 at 01:17:06 MDT

Something about the Second Identity costume shop bothered Blake, but he had no choice but to walk by the store every day. His fears prove to be justified when a living wyvern costume escapes from the shop and hunts him down...

Well, this is the first new story that I've written for my Second Identity/Costume Shop setting in almost a decade. It is just a one-off that doesn't advance the plot at all, but it was fun to dip back into the sheer wish-fulfillment this setting offers again :)

A big thanks to alphagodith for the editing help! The icon was done by Arukanoda, and is used with permission.

I wrote this story as a gift to Morghus for being one of my first two big Ko-fi supporters. I can't guarantee any more gift stories, but I can promise that my Ko-fi supporters will get to see my works in progress well before I post them on DA or FA.


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    A fun read! I'm sure Morghus will be very pleased. ^^

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      Thanks! Luckily, he really liked it! ^^