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Beautiful Flowers by drawhound

Beautiful Flowers


3 May 2015 at 19:11:24 MDT

I debated on posting this here since it ain't exactly furry, but I saw a good amount of Steven Universe fan art while combing all the submissions I'd missed over the months, so I figured y'all wouldn't mind it. :D

I love Rose so much, and Greg/Rose is my OTP. UGH I'M SUCH A SAP

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    steven universe, yes good.
    i really like your coloring style here. o.o

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      Hehe, thanks!! I used one of Kecky's Magical Brushes to do my shading; I love how simple they are to work with.

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        i'll have to try these out sometime, when i get something deserving of them done, lol. thank you!

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          Absolutely. <3 Happy arting!!

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    I think many types of art should be on this site aside furry stuff. Ridiculous to think that artists only appeal to one genre. And this is an amazing example of that. Beautifully done ♡

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      Aw, thank you! I'm not sure why I was debating about it in the first place honestly; I've already posted other human art here. Haha I just spaced about that, I guess!

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        It's hard not to want to be sure as places life vcl seem to sorta have a rule about it. Although mixed genres from artists is refreshing. In either case both your human and anthro works are damn awesome ^^

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    Awwwr! Such lovely colors. I ship Rose/Greg too, although I ship it simultaneously with Rose/Pearl.