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[Gift] Does this make me look fat? by Dralsk

[Gift] Does this make me look fat?


21 August 2014 at 21:07:17 MDT

A birthday present for Azngamer405 on Deviantart. Happy birthday!

Okay, so before you people start asking "Why is Koops being associated with Canada?" well, here's a lil' story:
So I've been replaying Paper Mario: TTYD, recently, and since I love using Koops, I get to see his lines often. Now, there is one occurrence in Chapter 3 where Koops says "eh?" and it made me go "OMG HE SAID 'EH'. INSTANT CANADIAN CONNECTION." (I'm not a huge fan of that stereotype, but a stereotype is a stereotype, eh?) So while I was reading every word he said to see if he'd say it again, the idea of having him sporting a typical flag underwear sprouted like a weed into my mind. Turns out, however, that Koops doesn't say "eh" that often – what he does, however, is "um..." The one character that does say "eh" often – and I checked on the nearly-complete script of the game somewhere on internet – is Bobbery. I still kept the idea, though, because it's asdf.

To AznGamer405: Now, I have no idea whether you'll like it or not – I don't even know if you're from Canada or elsewhere – but I thought "Hey, he likes Koops," so I got you, um... you know, just got you a lil' somethin' fer your birthday!... yep.

Also, Canada Day is in a bit less than a month, so... thoughtful, ain't he?! =P I should stop drawing shell-less Koopa, though...
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