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Meeting The One by Dragoono

Meeting The One


The light blinds you as you part the shrubbery in front of you. It was a lot darker in the density of the jungle than in this sudden spot of emptiness that let in sunlight. After your vision starts clearing, you notice an elegant silhouette in front of you. You’re still not sure what it is, but with the elegance it gives an intimidating vibe.
“So you… are the one… who wanted to see… me…?” The figure spoke in an odd manner, pausing between some words in a loud whisper.

You are still confused from the lack of vision, but finally it clears more and you recognize a blazing yellow eye. You are not sure whether he’s looking at you or not, but it sure made you uncomfortable. You trace his long body with your eyes, familiarizing his appearance as snake like.

“…Are you?” It spoken again interrupting your thoughts, because you forgot the creature had spoken to you before.

You nod firmly.

“Do you really… believe… that you can gain my knowledge?” The snake pauses, making you tremble as it feels like he’s digging in you with his stare that might not even be looking directly at you. “… Are you really… worthy… to gain my intelligence?”

Finally you snap yourself out of your dumbfounded-ness and nod firmly again, “I am.” You confidently answer.

The snake seems blank for a moment but then it turns to a satisfied look. Yet he flares out his feathers more to show his primacy. The dazzling things shine in the light coming from the tree tops. Can a snake even have feathers?? It didn’t matter, you were bedazzled by them, so simple yet elegant. You step forward, only a few feet away from the creature.

“Are you… ready?” his voice took a sinister tone at the end. He slithered around the rock, then around you. An odd gust of wind out of nowhere chilled your bones. You fell to your knees, not because you wanted to, but because it felt right. He circled you and stopped in front of you. A sudden burst of heat went through your skin, at moments feeling like burning. Everything was starting to become dark, your eyes heavy. With the last glimpse of your eyes you see the snake’s head closing in on you. It reaches your ear where it said a single word, quietly and mysteriously, “…Butts.”

You lose consciousness.

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