Natasha and Tobias by dragonnetstorm (critique requested)

Natasha and Tobias (critique requested)


10 February 2017 at 21:20:26 MST

Commission for Tygre13 at Furaffinity.

Natasha in awe whilst Tobias shows off his mechanical bits.

Nathasha and Tobias © Tygre13
Art © Dragonnetstorm


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    I see that this piece is flagged for critique, so I will try to give you the help that I can with my knowledge!

    What stands out about this piece for me is the narrative and characters. They are very well done and I enjoy their interaction and facial expressions. The narrative is very clear which makes the piece effective. I also appreciate the detail in the mechanical arm and the characters' markings.

    I think in this artwork, the main thing that could be improved is the lighting and environment. You only have one visible source of light here, and it's very close to the characters and relatively strong. Thus, I would expect there to be some very dark shadows in the piece. However, most of it is quite light, even under the table and in the background. Remember that the nature of the light source is shown just as much by the shadows as by the lights, if not more. Additionally, one of my teachers recently gave me this piece of wisdom: We don't see the light itself - we see how it lands on objects. Thus, unless it is very dusty or damp in the room, we would not see that yellow veil that is under the lamp in the image. Rather, we would see some strong light points and some very strong cast shadows, giving us that same impression that the light is on.

    Sorry if that got a little long, and I hope this was at least slightly helpful in some way or another! Great work here!

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      Hia, I honestly did not expect anyone to actually leave a critique. So for that, I kindly thank you! Really appreciated, and its length only gave me more tips to work with, so no worries there.
      To be totally honest: most of it was done EXCEPT for the lighting, Was frustrated quite a bit as I was thinking basically the same as you described, but with less words and more yelling. ;)
      The 'you don't see shadow, but light' is a concept I have been playing with for my last few pieces, and it's getting better in my honest opinion. Doesn't take away that your comment is very helpful to me, and I thank you for it!
      And well, environments... Havn't really been my strong suit, but practice makes perfect they say!

      Thanks for the long post, here's a decent size back. And thanks for the compliment! Appreciated.