Inktober day 28: Gift by DragonLavinia

Inktober day 28: Gift


28 October 2018 at 09:42:11 MDT

This was one hard to do... mainly because of the many options however.

To me, when gift comes to mind, I either think of a nice sweet/funny scene where friends exchange gifts, a present box, a touching scene when the gift has some meaning OR an imposing/mythical scene where someone is offered a gift as of sort of power. For me, I love the last option the most.
..funny thing tho, for as much as I love the mystical element of granting someone power... I have very few stories in which this happens. Either the powers of a person are innate or the gift they recieve is more like a curse, due to all the baggage it comes with... However, in DragonGirl's case, it is straight up a gift.
In the story, DragonGirl starts off unable to use her powers or even aknowledging she has any. This is due to dragons having innate magic, which, in the particular universe she belongs to, innate magic beings AND magic users in general need to have a certain kind of intellect to be able to use it or even keep from becoming an uncontrollable beast. Less of an intellect as in the kind you need to know to be a scientific genious and more of the... DR Strange kind. Either way, she'd be screwed over... without the forehead pearl.
The pearl contains a gem beast, called Cobra by her. Originally, Cobra was able to speak but I recently decided to change that. For the purposes of more mystery and less solutions offered on a plate during dillemas. She is, however, still able to help DG control her powers and offer a nice boost to her resisting magic attacks and effects. This may sound OP, but she's not outright immune, and in the DGverse, magic is the rarest danger.

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