Z-Parasites: Durga quick ref by DragonLavinia (critique requested)

Z-Parasites: Durga quick ref (critique requested)


13 January 2017 at 17:05:01 MST

This is for a group on DA, but it turned out so nice I may as well post it here too!

But behold! Have some info time:

Durga, the vengeance
Named after the Hindu Goddess Durga, a war and protection Deity, under this form, Alpha and Lavinia become one wild, protection driven fusion. In order to sync up, both host and parasite focus more on sheer wild instinct and skill, rather than a calm and intelectual take on combat. Because of this Durga normally looks enraged. However unlike the normal parasitic and symbiote, Durga typically showcases a more silent rage. It saves it's roars and yells for fear tactics. It is not a vocal fusion, preferring to speak in short sentences and words.
Built for the main purpose of strength, Durga is built in a very big, yet defined manner, muscles being visible from any spot. This also helps defensive wise, similar to any fusion. Yet it also allows it to be focused more on surprising speed rather than defense, due to the lack of any fat cover. The fusion is heavy, but it is still capable of big bursts of speed. Durga doesn't run, it;s more accurate to say that most running it does are dashes, while her jumps are quick and her running is like pure bursts of speed. Because of this it's turning is more stiff, unable to smoothly manage it's speed. Yet it doesn't mind plowing through walls and metal if it helps her turn or break.
With it's two pairs of pectoral muscles, Durga also hides two sets of ribcages, one on top of the other, allowing the Fusion to take a more "centaur" like stance. This position is useful for speed increase and better maneuverability, while the remaining pair of arms allows for some hits and grabs even when running. The secondary pair of arms presents a double lower arm. The palms can twist to either be side to sid, for easier slashing, or clasped together, forming a tool for harsh punches and hits, almost club like. However they lack the nimbleness that the upper set of arms has more useful for attacking rather than maneuvering certain objects.
Durga's second tail presents it's second jaw and skull as we.. While it lacks eyes or ears, it still holds it's nose,which is her biggest advantage, as Durga prefers to sniff around for locating enemies, even when the fusion provides her with increased sight and hearing. The second jaw, as well is very sturdy and sharp, making it a great biter.
Durga's combat style is mainl reliant on her strength: she can bash, rip and throw giant objects and rush the enemy.She will also exhibit certain moves from martial arts, paricularly those that require a bigger weight, like wresling and boxing. Overall, hwoever, it is a fighter that thinks in the heat of the moment, prefferig personal close range fights.
Durga is 20 feet tall, in her bipedal stance. Her tail is about the same length as her height.

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