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summer 2021 collection 4 icecream at the cafe by Draco Rex

summer 2021 collection 4 icecream at the cafe

Draco Rex

6 September 2021 at 11:55:13 MDT

join us for some icecream?

(full disclosure, i had trouble with these images. The original, unedited ones are even darker than these due to the shade of the umbrellas. I re-rendered them with the umbrella's shadows turned off and overlaid the original over the ones with no shadows and tweaked the opacity. I am still not quite happy, but they are under umbrellas, so there has to be some shadows present.

as always, you can see more bonus renders, and all renders/art/what i make by becoming a pateron of mine. click on this link to see the other 9 images of chubby dudes enjoying icecream

Auno: character by A1 - model by digitalfurbelow

Behemelon/ranz: character by knaveofclubs - model by draco rex

Centari: character by plantlady - model by draco rex

Icecream sundays - textures by nintendo - edits by draco rex- model by draco rex

Sapphirejack rat - character by sapphirejack - model by bpanthress - edits by draco rex

toad harbor backdrop: from mario kart 8- model by nintendo - ripped by

Convour - model edits by draco rex

Woulfe - character by Blackwoufle - model by recursive sweatpants - major edits by draco rex

Next we will have some fun on the beach