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shark drive 13/15 by Draco Rex

shark drive 13/15

Draco Rex

6 September 2020 at 00:01:17 MDT

[red]leveys (leviathans) (the 75$ teirs are temp disabled as to try to keep this backdrop usable for more than one establishing shot. forgot to mention that!
you can still tuna, swordfish and bluewhale, but not levy! but you can use up to 5 fish items before i disable them now![/red]

and here we go! just under the wire, part one of the shark month growth drive is now live!
as always, donate to here -> with a note on who you're sending the money to to grow our fine fishy friends

And now we see Matt is the second largest again, with Dimitri just BARELY coming in at first. Seems Mat's starting to get a slight gut that Dimitri can't help but tease the former firedog turned tiger shark over. Iron is just happy to be here and back to his usual body shape, while A1 and poor Ace are hard to see. Jose is pooped from trying to keep up with the growers and needs a minute to catch up, the ship now so small that's not even a pixal in this overview image!

ALL ITEMS ARE NOW UNLOCKED! they are as follows:
Tuna = $35 to grow by 1.5 * final size
Sword fish = $45 to grow by 2 * final size
Blue whale = $55 to grow by 3* final size
[s]Leviathan = $75 to grow by 5* final size [/s] LEviathans are only gifted out for figuring out easter eggs.
how bonus items work:

I first grow the target by any and all growth points they've acquired by normal donations, then take that result and multiply it by the bonus item they got. Only 4 bonus items of each teir allowed per round please. At 4 or more i will disable the growth items for the grower next turn
Also, this round any growth the leader gets, the guy in last gets to grow by 5% of what the leader gets.

current sizes and pay to grow rates are:

Dimitri - 287.6 AU (26.73 billion miles)
$1 = 3 AU | $5 = 20 AU | $20 = 100 AU

Matt - 262.7 AU (24.43 billion miles)
$1 = 3 AU | $5 = 20 AU | $20 = 100 AU

Iron - 73.2 AU (6.804 billion miles)
$1 = 1 AU | $5 = 6 AU | $20 = 35 AU

Auno - 28.9 AU (2.6916 billion miles)
$1 = 0.3 AU | $5 = 2 AU | $20 = 10 AU

Ace - 15.1 AU (1.4037 billion miles)
$1 = 0.15 AU | $5 = 1 AU | $20 = 5 AU

lastly, there are two easter eggs in this scene. One EXTREMELY OBVIOUS, one not so much.

and our hansom host, Jose is a bit pooped, he needs a round to play catch up.

(forgive me i'm so many days behind D:)

as before, the drive will update every 2 to 3 days, so part 2 should go live either mon or tuse

Let's see who can get the biggest!

THE EASTER EGGS FOR 2 BONUS LEVYS GIVEN AT RANDOM BY WHEEL DECIDE ARE BOTH VISIBLE HERE. COMMENT IF YOU SEE THEM TO UNLOCK THE BONUS LEVYS (leveys are food times that don't count to the fullness number) 1. is location, the other i won't say

(edit) woops! almost forgot to give model credits!
Jose - model by me, character by Jose
Matt- Model by :iconbpanthress:, edit by me, character by matutopia
Dimitri - model by :iconbpanthress, minor tweaks by me, character by :iconborusarlyam:
Irongut model by :iconrecursivesweatpants:, character by :iconirongut:
Ace01 - model by :icondigitalfurbelow:, character by Ace01
Auno - model by :icondigitalfurbelow:, character by a1
ship model- by me, but using nintendo textures only temporarily
sunny flight model by - ??? sony
???? - by ????