Cocoa Bean + Plum Dual Ref 2014-2015 by Dooms

Cocoa Bean + Plum Dual Ref 2014-2015


25 November 2014 at 21:03:14 MST

This reference sheet took me a considerable amount of time to do. I'm testing a few things out on my more detailed reference sheets. I didn't put much text on the sheet, because I figure that less is more. Anywho, these are Mento's children!
Note: the height chart applies only when they are fully grown, and in feral form. In anthro form, their height differences aren't as apparent.

Primrose "Plum" O'Mallas:
-is an equal mix between feline and canine anatomy. The canine anatomy includes a large nose, pronounced chest, and muscular frame. Feline anatomy includes whiskers, large paws, and perky (through laid back) ears. Her ears lay down like that unless she is listening.
-Considerably bigger than Mento
-Has an affinity for ribbons
-Wears whatever clothes she chooses, anywhere from frilly dresses to band T-shirts and baggy jeans! It's just whatever she feels like wearing
-Not super energetic.
-white claws
-luxurious mane. Please try to draw it nice and big!
-hair is short in the back. Hair is optional but preferred.

Cocoa Bean:
-high energy
-lap cat
-slightly shorter than Mento
-his nose tastes like chocolate
-pure Maine Coon
-black claws
-fluff extraordinaire!
-no hair style, but you can give him the standard bangs + mohawk look
-standard coonie mane. He can be drawn with snowshoes!
-his pattern does not have to be exact and can be played with

One last thing, I'm not really sure who is older? If you draw them both in the same picture, you can decide who is older, if it pertains to the piece that is!
Plum is shared with :icondally:
Cocoa Bean was adopted from Lime-adopts on dA
Please only use this sheet for educational/reference purposes only!

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