Rich In Omega 3: When Juno Was Human by DonPretzel

Rich In Omega 3: When Juno Was Human


1 April 2020 at 07:09:12 MDT

Tola: Should we help him?
Juno: Nah, he got into this mess.

Taken from the RIO3 comic of extra-curricular activities set apart from the main stories of Arkuatica.

A lot of what Juno tells them about the human world makes absolutely no sense to the merpeeps of the reef, having no other frames of reference for anything not of their own aquatic world. Some think Juno just makes things up, others don't even try to take in any of what he says, and they largely think Juno as being eccentric whenever he starts talking about nonsensical human things. JUno doesn't mind though, because none of it matter down there in the reef.

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