The Bird Empire: Prologue by Domnul Eduard

The Bird Empire: Prologue

Domnul Eduard

10 November 2015 at 12:36:26 MST

A little story series I started, featuring a sci-fi setting.

I have lately been possessed by a grand novel idea, and until I will have the time and means to write it, I thought to flesh out a part of the imagined world by writing an inconsequential series that will have no effect on the grand scheme of things but which will serve as a practice for my writing, and a repository for various ideas, characters and such.

This is the prologue to this series called The Bird Empire, a series which captures the life of certain personages living under the regime of an Empire which conquered their planet.

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    I'd like this Empire to be somewhat better explained in the prologue. For a second there I was confused if Vaghelauchens had a civil war or there was a foreign invader.

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      I purposely experiment with techniques such as obscurantism and pluri-perspectivism in order to convey the series as a form of progressive puzzle. The Empire was purposely alluded to ambiguously here and I planned to have it, and its society, gradually revealed along the series.
      How I succeed in this regard... it remains for the audience to decide.

      I can now see that the last paragraph could have deserved a slightly more descriptive elaboration, though.