Higgins by dodgyrommer



12 February 2014 at 22:00:33 MST

Color commission for Higgins of his adorable chubby dragon character. :)

Thank you again!

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    The simple joys of a brownie, and the complicated ecstasy of eating the entire tray.
    The dark cocoa decadence of dragon hunger felt and satiated to a full belly. The warm tray gradually lightening and cooling on the tummy.
    Maybe he meant to share? But to settle down, tail flat, feet talons out and munch each chocolaty morsel away, destined the pleasure to be all his own.

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      Mrrf. After reading that, I'm even hungrier now. Well done. :)

      That said, eating a whole tray of brownies isn't complicated for me at all! I'm a simple beast.

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      snaps fingers in applause

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    I'll say it once again, thanks again for doing the commission! It came out wonderfully. :)

    If you could, under "Send Collection Offer" on the right, if you could add my name, that would be awesome! (Basically, it'll show the pic to all my followers. It's a neat discovery tool.)

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      Thanks! :) Glad you think so. It was a pleasure to draw your character with artistic freedom.

      I thought I did, then suddenly there were two of the same submissions in my gallery. Maybe I did something wrong. Not sure.. I can try again though.

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    Just too cool! XD