SW_Races of Asnorit: Goblins by DNLtiger

SW_Races of Asnorit: Goblins


24 March 2014 at 08:07:59 MDT

Here's another asnorit race, this time the crude and gruff goblins and their kin:

Goblins-Goblins are a crude race. They are identified by horns on the forehead or lower jaw, warts, long tusk-like fangs, and thick skin in shades of green, blue, red, brown, or black. They vary in size like people but are often a foot or several feet taller than the average human or elf. They often are found in their own townships or the slums of mixed cities. Due to their fierce exterior, great strength and little intelligence, they are often used as foot soldiers and minions to some warlords or dark wizards. Though their faces aren’t the prettiest, goblin women often do have really nice curves and often like to flirt. Unless a member of a horde or group of bandits, goblins tend to keep the company of their own race. Other races mostly shy way from getting intimate with goblins for two reasons; 1) the wake up call of a horned and fanged face wanting more than a morning snuggle and 2) both male and female goblins are very aggressive in bed. It kinda sucks to have your cock bitten off during a blowjob or get a hemorrhoid from some serious anal or oral sex. Here are some sub races of goblins:
Gremlins-Gremlins are the smaller cousins of Goblins. The only things that separate them from goblins are their short, stalky physiques and large, bat-like ears. Even thought they are cousins of goblins, some have a keen intellect and are chosen as right hand men to villains. Due to their short stature and stalky limbs, gremlins are rather weak unless they are in a group or are picking on someone smaller than them like Halflings, fairies, or children. Some gremlins are proficient in magic and use different spells to augment themselves.
‘Ugly’ Goblins-‘Ugly’ Goblins are a rare and peculiar sub-race. Due to an unknown birth defect or the extremely rare union between a female goblin and a male human, elf, or even fairy, these beings are born. They have few to no horns anywhere on their face, no warts, minute tusks, and their skin is an extremely pale shade of common goblin skin colors. While other races would find them attractive, other goblins find these beings to be disgusting and a disgrace, hence the name. Parents of such children are ashamed of them and will abandon them or sell them into slavery. Some ‘Ugly’ goblins often develop an inferiority complex due to discrimination and harsh treatment.
Orcs- Orcs are almost the opposite of Gremlins. They are cousins of Goblins but much larger and stronger. However what they possess in brawn, they lack in brains. Most Orcs have very minimal intelligence and fairly dumb. They are mainly found in northern wastes in small tribes scattered around the mountains and some are found in the foothills of some mountains.
Hobgoblins-Hobgoblins are the worst kind of goblinkin. They are savage and almost primal berserkers. They vary from being large and muscular to being thin and fit. Most of the large muscular variety are found in mountainous areas and are often confused with ogres or orcs. The thin variety of hobgoblin reside in dark caves, stalking prey who wander into their territory. Hobgoblins are believed to be primordial goblins and sometimes the term hobgoblin is used to describe goblins who are powerful and destructive warriors.

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